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The Truth Behind Why You Need Regular Dental Visits

February 28, 2020

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young man in dental chair smiling visiting dentist in planoYou’ve probably heard before that visiting a dentist in Plano regularly is vital to your oral health, but maybe it’s never been explained what these appointments can accomplish. What do you stand to gain from them, and why shouldn’t you just wait until you have an emerging dental problem before seeking care? Find out the answers as you continue reading, and also learn how much more enjoyable life can be when you prevent problems from happening!

What Happens at Regular Dental Visits?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you visit a dentist every six months for preventive care. One of the primary features of these appointments is the checkup you’ll receive, which usually involves the dentist and hygienist combining their efforts to check for any budding issues. You’ll also have your teeth cleaned to remove plaque and tartar that have accumulated. The benefits of these two processes are far-reaching.

The Value of Identifying Tooth Decay Early

When plaque is allowed to rest on your teeth, it can eventually begin to bore holes (cavities) into your enamel. Because cavities aren’t painful at first, the decay can sometimes go on for months without you knowing. By having your teeth examined on a consistent basis, you can usually catch any encroaching decay earlier, before it reaches the pulp area. This can prevent you having to endure a painful infection that will likely require root canal therapy to restore.

Catching Gum Disease Before It Gets Worse

Prolonged plaque accumulation can affect more than just your teeth. If the acidic bacteria are allowed to seep beneath the gum line, they can cause germ pockets to form, which is the first stage of gum disease.

Here are some typical warning signs of the condition:

  • Chronic bad breath
  • Puffy, red or swollen gums
  • Bleeding when you brush or floss
  • Sour taste in your mouth that doesn’t seem to go away

The sooner gum disease is identified and treated, the less damage you’ll have to endure to your gums, ligaments and jawbone.

How an Early Oral Cancer Diagnosis Could Save Your Life

With gum disease on the rise in America, so is the prevalence of oral cancer. This year, alone, nearly 50,000 people are expected to be diagnosed with the condition. The good news is, with early detection, people are able to fight the disease and live longer.

When you visit your dentist for preventive care, you’ll receive an oral cancer screening, which will include visual and physical examinations. Therefore, you can rest assured that the information you’re given will be attained through the most thorough methods.

It’s always better to stop problems before they fully develop. By visiting your dentist semi-annually, that’s exactly what you can do!

About the Author

Dr. Shannon Stokes is a graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry, which is considered one of the country’s leading dental schools. He has since completed courses in a host of areas, which allows him to provide comprehensive and effective care. Dr. Stokes helps patients prevent oral health problems at his private practice, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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